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Catechists applauded

05 January 2016

WORKING with people is very interesting but challenging, but with togetherness and God on our side we shall overcome those challenges very easily.

This was highlighted by the Head catechist William Tomeuka of Roman Catholic in northwest Guadalcanal during the New Year celebration.

Mr Tomeuka was looking after 26 Catholic catechists in 13 communities in northwest Guadalcanal area.

“Thank you for your good work during the last 12 months.”

“I believe God is happy with what you have done so far likewise me as your team leader,” Tomeuka said.

“This journey is full of challenges but by working together, we can help to do our task successfully,” he added.

“It is our task that to reach out to people, deal with them and solve problems with families.”

He said that he is looking forward for more cooperation amongst his colleague in 2016.

“Let us enjoy our task with our Lord this year again.

“Nothing is hard for the Lord as long as we walk with him along this journey,” Mr. Tomeuka said.