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Crucifixion story brought live to Honiara - The story of Easter

20 April 2014

THOUSANDS of Christians congregate to witness the Passion of Christ drama performed in Honiara on Friday.

The crucifixion story was dramatized by youths and parishioners of Tuvaruhu Anglican church.

Tens of thousands of people processed from All Saints church at Point Cruz to St Barnabas Cathedral where the Passion of Christ drama was performed.

Men and women, young and old with their families joined the procession led by the character that represents Jesus carrying his cross all the way to Calvary.

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia with priests, deacons, lay men and women and children and other Christians from other denominations joined the procession.

Traffic was halted for about an hour as thousands followed the procession to St Barnabas Cathedral.

Despite the heat, people seem passionate about their faith by squeezing themselves in to try and get a glimpse of the drama.

There are too many people that some have to stand outside the fence, the road side and by the hillside to watch the drama as the Cathedral church compound was fully packed.

Good Friday is a day Christians commemorate and remembered the time on when Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of the world.

A time Christians’ reflect and meditate to remember and honour what Jesus had done in offering His life for the sins of the entire human race.

Many shed tears the moment Jesus was hanged on the Cross as they felt sorry for what they have done that took Jesus on the cross.

“We are so sorry because it was because of our evil deeds and ignorance of our ancestors’ that Jesus has to sacrifice his life for us,” one on-looker said.

“But we are thankful that only because of Him (Jesus) we are able to live and be forgiven,” he added.

The Passion of Christ drama began with the opening of the procession at 12 noon by Archbishop David Vunagi and finished at 2.30pm.

A similar drama was also put on by youths from the Holy Cross Catholic Church in the morning where hundreds also came out to witness.

It started at the Honiara central market and processed up to the church compound where people witnessed how Jesus was crucified more than 2000 years ago.