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Spiritual campaign to end with baptism

20 April 2014

A TWO-WEEK long spiritual campaign by Pr Alwin Wako of the Seventh Day Adventist Church at the Honiara Central market will end tonight.

The campaign also ends with a baptism of 30 plus new SDA Church members expected to be held at around 7:30pm.

The campaign, which focuses on the theme “Basics of salvation” is aimed at spiritually enriching Christians all around Honiara.

Speaking to Solomon Star yesterday, Pr Wako said that the two weeks campaign has indeed been successful; adding that God has worked his mighty power and spoke to the hundreds that attended.

“God works in miraculous and mighty ways that even us humans never think possible,” he said.

“He heals the sick; comforts the broken hearted, blesses the weather throughout the two weeks and touched so many lives that attended.

“I believe that despite the many trials, the many hardships, difficulties that we have faced and come through the past few weeks not only as Christians but as a nation, God will continue to bless and guide us his children through to better days,” Pr Wako said.

Pr Wako also added that the final messages tonight will be dynamic and called on the public to be a part of it.

“Come let us all fellowship together and feel the power of God our Father and Creator,” Pr Wako said.