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‘Be Happy’ makes the sick happy

12 January 2016

THE ‘Be Happy Ministry’ ensures the sick are happy and organized a visit to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) on New Year’s Day with gifts.

The Ministry’s sole organiser Mambo Fangaria he donated clothes and feed the sick with fruits.

“It is part of my ministry to ensure the sick can also put smiles on their faces on New Year’s Day.

“I spent over a thousand of dollars on a bale of mix wears and water melons for the cause hoping the sick feel blessed.

 “This is part of this self supporting ministry, to give back to the needy. They deserved to be treated in a special way,” Mr Fangaria said.

He said, he also preached and shared the word of God with the sick people on the Sabbath morning and also visited prominent leaders of the country to greet them with New Year messages.

“I thank my son Feedale Fangaria and his close friends for supporting me financially in this ministry.”