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Church gets huge support for appeal

12 April 2014

COMMUNITY services of Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church had received huge support from the public and church members following a disaster appeal.

The church erected a tent at Kukum SDA car-park Tuesday this week for public appeal to assist in whatever people want to donate to the flood victims.

The appeal kicked off on Tuesday night for food, clothes, utensils and cash.

The tent was packed with mix goods.

Close to 50, 000 are homeless from the recent flooding as the donations would go towards the victims.

An Adventist member Mrs Anna Tahani said all the mix goods including utensils, clothes and food will be donated to the victims.

“We would sort out the mix goods sometimes this weekend and take them to the flood victims,” she said.

Mrs Tahani said they have a list of family names to donate to areas like Koa Hill, Varacreek, and Mamana Wata, Fijian Quarter.

A black bucket was also put inside the tent for donation of money which they raised more than $20,000.

Mrs Tahani highlighted the money would be use to buy immediate needs for the victims.

She said food and water is the immediate needs at the moment.

The disaster appeal program closed on Friday.