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Church survives harsh flood

08 April 2014

THE St John Baptise chapel of Anglican is the only building that remains standing at Bitiama area at Koa hill after the flooding.

All houses within the area were destroyed while the church building itself remained standing.

The Solomon Star was able to cross to the other side of Mataniko River to where the chapel was standing and witness the damages caused by the flooding.

All widows and doors were shattered. The church was filled with mud, debris and logs that were swept in by the flood.

The only possession that belongs to the church that was untouched by the flood is the pictures of Christ on the wall of the chapel.

“We were surprised to see the only building that left standing in the area is the chapel,” Alex Kisita a resident of Koa Hill said.

He said at the time of the flooding, the church was also under water where the flood reached its roofing.

“We thought the chapel would also wipe out by the flood because it was under water and all the houses were destroyed,” he added.

Another resident John Mae claimed that it was a turning point for the people living in the area.

“We were all surprised to see the chapel itself remaining standing and it could be a sign that God wants the people to turn away from their wrong doings,” he said. 

There were three churches at Koa Hill and one of the churches was used by the flood victims as evacuation centre.