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Visale gears up for 150th Jubilee

18 January 2016

THE Visale Catholic Mission Church in Northwest Guadalcanal has set up a task force committee to lead in preparations for the mission station’s 150th Jubilee this year.

Solomon Star’s Northwest Guadalcanal stringer John Toki said the committee met last Saturday to talk about preparation for the event.

“They looked at the budget, activities to be organised and preparations,” Mr Toki said.

Chairman of the committee Jeffery Rapasia said it is one of the important events for the church and a lot of communities and churches are looking forward to it.

“We are feeling the pressure now therefore we have to sort ourselves out and start preparing in order to pull off the big event.

“I want to call upon all divisions and local churches under Visale Catholic to assist and commence preparations as well for the event.

There are 13 local catholic churches under Visale Parish in northwest Guadalcanal.

Mr Toki said that event will be more special this year because the committee is working hard to ensure its success.