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Rufoki needs a community learning center

27 January 2016

ONE of the greatest needs of Rufoki communities in west Fataleka, Malaita Province is for a Community Learning Centre.

Community women, youth and leaders have identified this after undergoing a one day training organized and facilitated by Casper Fa’asala, advocator for Women in Leadership with Solomon Islands National Council of Women, with the help of the community chiefs from Rufoki and the surrounding communities.

The workshop was held on the 13th of January 2016.

Chief Felix Laumae said it is best that a Community Learning Centre be established to promote literacy programs for young women and mothers as the region has the lowest literacy rate among the rural communities of Malaita Province.

“Our plan is to gradually transform the centre into a vocational institution for young people and those who are pushed outs from the Rufoki and Kwarea Community High Schools in the West Fataleka area of the Fataleka Constituency,” Mr. Laumae said.

Chief Shanel Anita, on behalf of the landowners of the area assured that land is not a problem.

“Landowners are prepared to avail land for such development in our area for our children.

“West Fataleka has been a forgotten area by governments, and such plans to establish a centre here is welcoming news so that our youths can learn at our doorstep.”

More than 50 people from the surrounding communities attended the day-long workshop.

Assisting Mr. Fa’asala were, Father James Angisia, Director of the Catholic Pastoral Centre in Buma, West Kwaio constituency.

Mr. Fa’asala said that it was an interesting workshop for everyone at Rufoki and the surrounding communities.

“We also used the SWOT Analysis methodology. We that first did a Community Social Mapping system and identified the number of communities in the area are Taeloa, Taukarasi, Rufoki, Elifolo, Fikao’abu Kakalano and Takwaodo.

“These communities are heavily populated and they can benefit.

“These are just Catholic communities but if the centre is established, it will be open to many other communities of various other religions in the area.

“The Governance of the Rufoki community and how people managed themselves and their daily affairs was also a key area of discussion during the workshop which raised the importance of its Community Organizational Structures, the Role of different Committees governed under the House of Chiefs and the Rufoki Catholic Church, Parish Zone 6 Pastoral Committee.”

 Fr. James Angisia also said there is a lot of room for alignment of training needs with the Centre.

He added the a centre in Buma may in the future collaborates its activities with the proposed Rufoki Community Learning Centre which the Church is quite willing to help in empowering its women and Christians to realized their responsibilities and commitments on a daily life basis making families strong to meeting their obligations.

The Workshop ended up with a Holy Mass celebration to spiritually  energize the community to continue their conversations and to work on strategies that will surely materialize the establishment of the Centre.

In Auki