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Dala catechists discuss roles, map out five year plan

27 January 2016

CATECHISTS from the Dala Catholic Ministry in West Kwara’ae have mapped out their five-year plan.

It took the catechists two days during which they discuss issues and mapped out their plans to guide them for the next five years.

Facilitator of the discussion Casper Fa’asala reported that it is vital for catechists to have their work plans readily available to guide them as they do the important Christ-like service in communities.

“Catholic Catechists are those who are called to serve through teachings, witness, prayer, service and building communities in which they serve,” Mr. Fa’asala said.

He added they are to minister to adults, youths and children on various issues and areas in their parishes.

“They are responsible or should be responsible for the development of parish faith formation programs, catholic schools, youth and women ministry programs, sacramental preparations, Christian initiation processes, family life programs and other Ministry formation programs of the church and their communities.”

Mr. Fa’asala said that in order for the parish to support the work of individual catechists, a long term strategy is necessary through which they can exhibit their real and vital Catholic Christian faith based on a personal relationship with Christ and Christians of their communities on a daily basis.

During the workshop, five major goals and objectives were developed.

Head Catechist Atanasio of Dala Parish, thanked Casper Fa’asala and Liam Sau for their support in facilitating the planning workshop and also for the in-kind assistance from Oxfam International for the supply of stationaries and individuals such as Jacinto Ramo and Morris Warentepe for catering.

Mr. Fa’asala told Solomon Star, the workshop also looked at the weaknesses of individual Catechists which many at times affected the work of the Ministry within the family, community and parish.

He added that it also helps Catechists to clearly identify their roles and responsibilities because at times these are not well understood.

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