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Bishop Quity outlines goals

08 February 2016

THE newly consecrated Bishop Ellison Quity for the Diocese of Ysabel on Sunday has outlined his key priorities for the Diocese.

One of his priorities for the diocese is to tackle the current financial problem experienced in the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM).

“I will try my best that from now on, Ysabel diocese will not depend entirely on the ACoM for financial support but try to raise money itself,” Mr Quity said.

“I know that ACoM is facing financial difficulties and one of my aims for this diocese is to try not to depend on ACoM for money,” he added.

He said that Ysabel diocese is one of the biggest dioceses in the country and he will do his best to do things to keep the diocese running.

“I am looking forward for you all my good diocesans to work together with me to fulfil these goals for the diocese.”

 He said that some of his priorities is working together with Ysabel provincial government and other stakeholders.

He added that he will make sure that all ministries within diocese like Mother Union, Sundays and others operating and functioning well in the diocese from on.

“It is one of the aims of this Diocese that to visit all orphans and widows as they are part of the diocese.”

He said that his leadership will maintain partnership with local partners in the province.

In Buala, Ysabel