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Jejevo parishioners urged to help in God’s work

08 February 2016

The Right Reverend Bishop Sam Sahu of Malaita diocese has urged all Christian believers in Jejevo Parish, Buala Ysabel to step out and manifest God’s gifts within them.

“Some gifts within you will save lives in this end time so stand bold and manifest it in this diocese,” Bishop Sahu said during the consecration of a new Isabel Bishop.

He said God has given us some gifts, for some to be pastors, prophets, teachers and others more mainly to save mankind for the Kingdom of God.

“You have witnessed the consecration of your new Bishop Ellison Quity, so work together with him to fulfill the purpose of God in you.”

“Let the spirit of unity be in you so that you will do the work of God smoothly in this diocese of Ysabel,” Mr Sahu added.

He said that these days, Christians need to work in unity in all ministries in the church of Anglican in the country.

“God is a God of Unity, so let us be uniting in the works of God in this end times,” he added.

In Buala, Ysabel