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New archbishop spells out priorities

14 February 2016

Newly-elected Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia Right Reverend George Takeli has spelled out his priorities for the church.

Archbishop elect Takeli was elected on Friday to lead the church in the coming years.

“There are three priority areas which I believe will drive the Anglican Church forward,” Archbishop Takeli said.

They include:

1.       An active missionary church

2.       A strong and effective administration system

3.       A strong investment division

Members of the church, the largest in the country, took to the church’s facebook page to congratulate their new Archbishop.

“I want to congratulate Bishop Takeli for the victory and may God continue to help you along the way,” one member said.

Others salute the Archbishop’s wife late Lillian Takeli, who passed away in 2014.

 “I want to congratulate late Lillian Takeli for the hard works that she has done towards that post although she was unable to live to see her husband taking the highest leadership position within the church,” another poster said.

Archbishop Takeli, who was the current the Bishop of Temotu, had since remarried to June Mole in December last year.

As Archbishop, Rev. Takeli will also become the new bishop for the Diocese of Central Melanesia.

He took over from Archbishop Rev. David Vunagi who retired late last year.