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Ete: Gospel music, an avenue for change

26 February 2014

GOSPEL music plays a major role and is an avenue for change of attitude, behaviour and development not only in a person’s spiritual life but entire being.

Member of Parliament (MP) for East Honiara, Douglas Ete highlighted this during the 1st anniversary celebration of the Niuleni Community Musical Ministry (NCMM) at the national museum auditorium on Monday night.

Mr Ete who was the guest of honour at that celebration congratulated NCMM and highlighting that gospel music is one of the most powerful avenues of enhancing change in any person.

“Music not only is a tool for spiritual cleansing and relaying sermons, but also has a great impact in any person’s life.

“I congratulate NCMM on a yearlong achievement through the gospel music ministry and call on them for more of such impacts they relay out, that has great power of change to our people,” Mr Ete said.

Mr Ete said that in a Christian country such as the Solomon Islands whereby music and sports are very too effective means of communication, he added that such must be used to bring about good changes to all communities and not only members of various denominational groups.

“NCMM is doing a great job with its vision to bring about more changes to their people residing in the Fishing village and Lau valley respectively.

“Their impact can do more to other communities who also need such spiritual enrichments,” Mr Ete said.

Mr Ete who also assisted the group in its Malaita tour last year pledged his support to their future programs in the coming years.