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All Saints Mother’s Union end Ugi tour

18 July 2016

A TOTAL of 36 members of All Saints Mothers Union Group, accompanied by the Trainer of the Girls’ Friendly Society ( DOCM) and three of their members have just returned back from a mission to the Island of Ugi, under the Diocese of Hanuato’o, Makira Province.

A statement reaching the Solomon Star said that the group travel to the island last Wednesday and returned safely over the weekend.

“The purpose of this mission is to strengthen marriage and Christian family life, to hold fast to their faith in their marriage life that includes young girls, men and boys,” the statement added.

During the tour they visited three villages under zone One like; Ahia, Suena and Hunuta.

During the tour the group shared with the women on Ugi their five objectives which are;

Object 1 – To uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and promote its wider understanding.

Object 2 – To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church.

Object 3 – To help Christians in the world to join together in prayer and worship and work for others.

Object 4 – To make known to all people good ways to keep family life strong and protect children.

Object 5 – To help those who have family problems.

The statement added that the chairperson for the three communities acknowledged the impact of the mission.

She said that it was history to their community, for this was the first time that a group of women and girls have ever visited them, shared together the importance of these roles in the family, and helping them to understand it more by dramatizing what each object meant.

“There is a call for all Christians today to help our people. We need each other in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our people are dying with their spiritual life, we need to reach them.”

The chairperson said that regardless of how many kilometers you take to walk, God is with you.

“He chose you for this purpose. And this is the obligation of this Mothers Union Organization to reach out Gods word to families.”

The statement said that during the mission the group encounter God’s blessing because it units different churches leaving within that community.

The theme for the programme was “Empowering women to understand and follow Christ’s teaching on family life”.




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