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Govt lauds Australia's support for women

08 November 2017

The Government has commended the Australian government for its continuous support towards women’s business activities in the country.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs Dr Cedric Alependava made the acknowledgment ahead of the Solomon Islands Women In Business Association (SIWIBA) awards night next month.

He stated, the Australian government has been a sponsor of SIWIBA since 2014; they are investing initiatives to enhance women’s leadership to promote women’s economic empowerment in business.

He quoted the words of former Australian high commissioner to Solomon Islands Andrew Byrne, which said, investing in women is not just right thing to do it is the smart thing to do.

Mr Alependava said one of the means to empower women in Solomon islands is to support SIWIBA, which Australia always did.

“By doing this our women will rise or excel which will inevitably bring economic development and well as improving our lives in Solomon Islands.”

SIWIBA Awards is set for the 9th of December, and this event will highlight women in business in the country and its milestone of achievements for SIWIBA and its members.

“It is an annual event hosted by SIWIBA in partnership with the Solomon Islands Government and business houses in Honiara as well as some individuals who are in small business.”

Mr Alependava stated that last year SIWIBA has successful launched its awards with presentation of 15 awards to financial members of SIWIBA business and who performed quit well amidst difficulties.

And for this year, there are four main stages in sponsorship award category; they are Platinum, Gold Bronze and Supporter.

Therefore for he wishes to appeal to stake holders, donor agencies business houses individuals who have not given any positive feed back to pledge their support.

“The work of SIWIBA brings women in business from both formal and informal sectors contributing to our economic growth through their businesses.

“On that note I wish to take this opportunity to profoundly thank the Australian Government through its high commissioner (AusAid and DFAT) who supported SIWIBA since 2014.”

Chair lady of the SIWIBA organising committee Mrs Julie Haro thanked the Pan Oceanic Bank (POB), Solomon Breweries, Bank South Pacific (BSP) and the Ministry of Women for pledging their support towards Platinum, gold and bronze awards.

The final stage of the sponsorship category is the supporter category which welcomes a minimum of SBD $2,000 and a maximum of $6,000.

“This category is open for any sponsors who wants to pledge their support, there are still vacant spots that need to be filled up and it can be affordable for any individuals,” Ms Haro said.

Mr Alependava concluded, “lets create a conducive environment for our women that will flourish, let us put our heads together and makes a difference, with our women and the country as whole let us create a conducive business environment for our women.”