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Call for united front against gender violence

27 November 2017
Mrs Pauline Soaki with members of the Solomon Islands Deaf Association making a call to end gender based violence.

Police and Family Support Centre are urged to affirm their commitments to the Memorandum of Understanding for SAFENET.

Director of Women Development Division in the Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Pauline Soaki made the call at the launch of 16 Days of Activism campaign against gender-based violence on Saturday.

 “I am calling on the Royal Solomon Islands and the board of Family Support centre to affirm their commitment to the MOU for SAFENET. You are the key partners,” Soaki stated.

“This MOU is home-grown and developed from understanding what works and what does not,” she added..

“Please do not let bureaucracy stand in the way of affirming the commitment of partnership to eliminate violence against women and girls.”

Soaki said the MOU validates the commitment and solidarity of the SAFENET partners.

“Together we can end violence against women and girls through education. It was clear that education is ongoing and we must continue to speak out against gender and violence against women.”

Soaki further added that the campaign on gender and violence against women must continue so that it educates everyone to understand more and identify difference forms of violence our women experienced.

She said women and girls are often the victims of perpetrators.

“Last week we have read and heard in the news with much horror, anger, deep sadness of the murder of a young girl in Guadalcanal who after attending school was returning home and was brutally attacked and left to die.

“No one should experience such atrocious death, especially not a girl,’ she added.

Soaki said there must be justice for women everywhere in all walks of life and there must be zero tolerance against gender and violence against women and girls.