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Malaita provincial council of women AGM

22 March 2018

Malaita Provincial Council of Women (MPCW) is currently busy this week with its annual general meeting (AGM) in Auki.

The three days event commenced on Tuesday and will end today with the election for a new executive.

More than a hundred women and members attended the opening program ceremony at women resource centre in Auki.

The meeting offered the opportunity for MPCW president Rose Kala to explain to the members the process of the AGM, expectation of women who are going to vote, explanation of their roles, the importance of upholding accountability and transparency in the council, vision of the council, challenges and achieved faced by the council.

During the opening ceremony she also talked about the relationships between the Malaita provincial council of women with the provincial government and its partnership with other stake-holders.

A highlight at the AGM was the discussion on women’s aspiration to enter politics.

The issue was hotly debated because some of the women are likely to contest for the coming provincial and national election.

Mrs Kala highlighted that leadership is a collaborative task which demand a full focus and working together to achieve something.

She pointed out that taking up the leadership role as president for the council is a quite challenging experience to try and achieve development mission for women in Malaita.

She acknowledged women of Malaita and her executive for their continuous support in achieving some of the council’s vision which is obviously seen in Malaita.

“The Malaita council of women executive is proud to share its achievement to participants attending the opening of AGM in Auki.”

Mrs Kala said some of her executive achievements are: accruing and securing land space for future developments for MPCW, building of resources centre, encouraging financial management areas for women, establishment of ward councils (6 ward council) and other.

She warned women who wish to take up leadership role that it is a challenging role which needs patient, working together, commitment and must ready at all time to face critics and challenges.

“As your president I’m fully satisfied with their contribution and all efforts done in trying to develop and push MPCW forward.

“Without your support we can’t reach this far. I wise MPCW for the election of new Executive Thursday (today) this week,” Mrs Kala said.