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Mother: Prioritise development in rural areas

12 July 2018
Maria Teikui

THE government needs to redirect much needed economic development activities to rural centres in Solomon Islands, says a Malaitan woman Maria Teikui.

Mrs Teikui stated this, as the country commemorate the 40th years of independence last week, in Honiara.

She suggested that Solomon Islands is now a mature country in the pacific and should be capable to look after its own affairs, rather than depending on aid money.

“To me, the country’s 40th year of independence is another time for current leaders to remember past achievements but not for present population.

“I believe that if the government concentrated on redirecting economic development down to rural centres in Solomon Islands, government services will reach every Solomon Islanders equally,” the 52 year old settler of Kunu community, near Auki, said.

She told the Solomon Star that, the lack of economic development in rural areas in Solomon Islands has forced young people to leave their communities to search for jobs in Honiara.

“This is a pull -factor that the government needs to redirect and consider, by creating strategies that rightly targets the interest of young people.

“Nowadays, I see most young people are interested to go to Honiara, where they think they can find a decent job.

“This has caused less participation of youths in the development of rural communities nationwide,” Mrs Teikui added.

She added, the country’s 40 years of independence has reflected a call for all Solomon Islander and leaders to take up full responsibility,to providing equal government services to all citizens.

In Auki