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Russells women support redevelopment

03 October 2018
Ms Hilda Nose'e and Ms Katlyn Rose representing their tribes during the SIG-Russell Islands stakeholders roundtable in Honiara.

TWO powerful landowners and representatives of two different tribes in the Russell Islands want to see the government reinvest in their islands.

Speaking on behalf of her Kaiseleng tribe during the roundtable last week Hilda Nose’e said it’s the wish of the women and children that development and government services come down to their people.

Ms Nose’e said for so long their women and children have been suffering from the continuous RIPEL issue between the government and people of Russell Islands.

“We do really need development to come to our shores, our land and our home,” Ms Nose’e told the government officials and Chiefs of Russells last week.

Ms Katlyn Rose made similar sentiment when he spoke on behalf of her Kerual tribe.

Both women admitted that they come from a matrilineal society but their concerns become minor issues when most of the decisions are done by the chiefs.

“If only women like us can become chief in our society, development in the Russells should already be happening on our land,” Ms Nose’e said.

They both urged their chiefs to work together with women leaders in Russell Islands so that development and other government services can be established in their Islands.

They also called on the government to go down to the people and do awareness about development.

“We want to see Russell Islands become one of the role model in our province and the country as a whole,” Ms Rose said.

Ms Rose added that they are willing to offer their lands for development and to allow the investors to come and use their lands for the benefit of the people, women and children of Russells.

Both women supported the Central Islands Provincial development model and said their wish is for their provincial government and SIG to adopt this development model.

This paper understands that last week the Prime Minister’s office and the Cabinet Sub Committee for Russell Islands Plantation Estate Limited (RIPEL) held a roundtable in Honiara for the Chiefs, tribal leaders, former RIPEL workers and women’s representative.

The roundtable resulted in the signing of a reinvestment framework between the Russells and SIG.