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Catholic women in Auki celebrate Assumption Fest

22 August 2019
Oibola women carrying the statue of Mother Mary during the procession.

The Auki Parish Catholic women have celebrated the Assumption Feast Day of Mary the mother of Jesus on the 16th – 18th of August 2019.

The event was hosted by St. Valentine Oibola Catholic community in zone 2 of Auki Parish. 

The Feast Day is an annual event which always marked every year by all Catholic women according to the Catholic calendar. 

There were hundreds of women, young girls including young men, children and men from the nearby communities.

There were also some none Catholic families and friends who were part of the event which was a very successful program during the weekend.

Highlights during the program was the procession of the statue of Mary by Radefasu Catholic women.

The pilgrimage traveled by canoe and received by the women of Oibola and other participating groups. It was welcomed by the warriors and was led by the host community women’s group with a prayerful procession to St. Valentine church and the opening Mass was taken place by Fr. Fred Osifelo. 

The theme of this year’s Feast Day was ‘’Do whatever he tells you’’-(Joh:2:5) this was what has been happen to mother Mary when the messenger came to her and tell her that she will be the chosen Mother of Jesus. 

There were talks conducted by several facilitators during the weekend Assumption Feast day gathering.

The main facilitators were Fr. Fred Osifelo which talked on self – reliance, Fr. Jeffery Puritaáu talked on the Catholic Renewal.

Martha Rurai the president of Malaita Provincial Counsels of women spoke on the roles and function of the MPCW and how the rural women’s groups can benefit from the organization and also how to become a member of MPCW.

Patricia Wale the Catholic Diocesan women’s coordinator with her assistant Maculate Aioro also talked on the aims & objectives of a Catholic women and the women’s role. 

Nester Rara and the health promotion team from Kilu’ufi hospital conducted a presentation on diabetes & hypertension – (NCD).

“Every mother we are to take good care of our own health. Husbands must also support to keep our beloved wives to be stay healthy at all times for the sustainable living for our families,” she said.  

There was a closing mass on Sunday 18th of August. The main celebrant was the lordship Bishop Peter Houhou of the Auki Catholic diocese and Fr. Jeffery. 

There were lots of fun entertainments from the participating women’s groups during the feasting program after the closing mass.

Out of every success of the program, the Auki Parish women’s coordinator Ms. Christina Maneka has sincerely thanked a number of people and organisations for their great support towards this program.

They included Matthew C.Wale, John Foteliwale, Tony Cameron Fr. Fred Osilfelo, MPCW, Erick Sogote’e, Habour Light shop in Auki, Patricia & Jackson Olea and Peter Tisa for the accommodation venue. 

They thanked the Oibola community families and friends, Radefasu community.

Oibola Catholic Women Advocate
Auki Parish
Malaita Province