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ACOM mothers mark 100th anniversary

03 October 2019
Members of the Mothers Union from Vanuatu and Central Diocese getting ready for the parade.

THE Mothers Union in the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) are currently celebrating their 100th anniversary (1919 – 2019) in Honiara. 

The programme is being attended by around 1,600 members from all nine dioceses of the ACOM in Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands.   

The week-long programme was officially opened at Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral after the Holy Eucharist Service led by the Archbishop of Melanesia the Most Rev. Leonard Dawea last Sunday.

After a colourful parade at the Cathedral grounds, the Mothers Union members  gathered at the Desmond Probets’ hall at Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral to listen to Annie Saenamua, a former Mothers Union provincial president highlighting the work of Mothers Union in the context of Melanesia.

“The work out there is vast and the Mothers Union cannot ignore the reality of the present time, the high rising problems and issues and the changing life styles our communities,” she warned the members.

“The Mothers Union is a mission that should bring about God’s word through action and to make changes to lives in families, communities and to others” Saenamua said in her address.

“For example, the MU had embarked on the Literacy program to change the intellectual ability of women in order to contribute to the welfare of the family and society and to enhance their participation in community work more effectively.” 

She gave this as an example of the activities or programs carried out by MU here in Melanesia.

She also added that though the work of MU in Melanesia had changed many lives, and the opportunity that some women had been able to sit in leadership positions that can make decisions; there are still challenges that lie ahead that MU must make careful planning and strategies to tackle the new and rising issues that are breaking down families.

Annie Saenamua also acknowledges the women and girls who attended the celebration and call on more women and girls to join the mission of Mothers for the betterment of our families and communities.

The theme for the centenary celebrations is – ‘Reflecting on Mary Sumner’s vision and its impact in Melanesia: the Past, the Present and the Future’.  

The Mothers Union is the largest ministry within the Anglican Church of Melanesia attracting a membership of more than 15,000 in both Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

The program will end on Thursday.