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Dughore women host mini fest

24 November 2019
A woman from Dughore displaying the traditional clothing made up of local leaves with Organic plants and produce displayed in th background.

Dughore Women Association has fruitfully hosted the Dughore Mini Cultural and Organic Festival at Hunda Village on Kolombangara in Western Province, early this month.

The Dughore Mini Cultural and Organic Festival is an initiative put together by the Dughore Women Association in Collaboration with the Gizo Women in Business Development.

The objective is to revive and appreciate the unique culture and tradition of the ethnic people of Kolombangara Island and to help the younger generation of the island learn about their culture and tradition through activities that will be demonstrated during the festival event.

Western Province Women’s Council, Environment and Tourism Division also supported the Mini Cultural and Organic Festival which marks a milestone for women in Kolombangara Island.

About five hundred people witnessed the launching program which marks the start of Women in Business Development for the islanders.

Western provinces Premier David Gina, along with a large Provincial delegation from relevant department were part of the occasion.

The country’s largest Forestry form – KFPL was also invited to the launching program. 

Representatives from the KFPL told women of Dughore that they are keen to see the Association grow.

‘’It is important not to forget to embrace our culture and tradition by reviving it through displaying of traditional arts, crafts and to promote local organic foods that is healthy.

‘’And so we are proud of the step that women in Kolombangara has done a great job by also showing the way of tradition and culture to the younger generation at the present day,’’ KFPL representatives said.

In his keynote address Premier David Gina reiterate that his Government stand by every good program and forward looking plans designed by Women in the Western Province. 

He mentioned the tremendous role women and girls in rural villages across the Western Province can contribute with the introduction of an Associations just launched.

“The festival in my view is trying to promote unity in development but more so to promote our cultural identity and our survival based on the products that sustained healthy living by returning to our traditional farming methods,’’ he said.

He adds the Government has been committed to assist Women in their endeavour in transforming women. 

Chairlady of Dughore Women’s Association, Raewyn Magu also stated that due to the changes now with the new Dughore Women’s Association, Organizers were inclined to enter a totally new era which was to place emphasis in vegetable as a key priority in the process of using organically free planting techniques across southern region.

‘’Women of Dughore have now entered a new phase giving priority and goals set that DUGORE be an Organic-free island, for all its vegetable this time and on to the future,’’ she said.

The Dughore Women Association is promoting its Tourism activities to fulfil its Tourism and Culture objectives in its strategic plan so as to support and work in line with the Tourism Division of Western Province.

The Mini Cultural Organic Festival show was organised which include, agricultural and floral stalls at Hunda sport field, bamboo band and dancing, there was canoe race cross the lagoon water at Hunda.

 The main event of the day has been fishing competition trying to retraced aged old fishing techniques which were more and nine of them still could survive modern day fast and unsustainable quest for fish.

Simbo Island was the first organic free island in this region.

Kolombangara becoming second is using the same feature as introduced by founder and Organic NGO specialist, Stephen Suti, His wife Esther Suti was there as well. 

That the Association can grow prosper using business, culture, and tourism as its launch pad.

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