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Council hails male input in IWD celebration 

15 March 2020
Martha Rurai.

President of the Malaita Province Council Of women Martha Rurai has acknowledged men advocators who lead the International Women Day 2020 celebration in Auki last week.

 Mrs. Rurai said the participation of men at the international women day celebration has reflected collaboration and working together that women need.

It highlighted that men and women are all human beings, therefore working together is very important for development to address human needs.

“I acknowledge all men who lead and join the international women day celebration here in Auki.”

“I want to maintain such working together in Malaita province.” 

“It is our cry and heart to see men step up work together with women in every struggle,” Mrs. Rurai said.

She highlighted the women's policy which is currently in place and needs support from the government for implementation.

She calls on every stakeholder and the provincial government to work together with women to implement the women's policy.

Mrs. Rurai challenges all the women that to achieve something is not easy.

“We have women association, organization, the government that women can work with.” Mrs. Rurai said.

In Auki