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Call for girl’s camp

17 February 2021

WITH the growing number of cases involving rape and abuse against girls in the country, some parents and guardians are calling for the need for girls camps to become a regular program, especially in the Western Province.

Sharing her concern Ms. Delrine Samu said having a daughter of her own it is comforting to know that there are safe spaces available for young girls to gather, share, and be informed about life.

Hearing of rape and sexual abuse cases through the media does show a high number of incidents from rural parts of the country and so the need truly exists for the continuation of programs such as a girl’s camp.

In 2019 a similar program was hosted in Gizo under the theme ‘Real Beautiful’ the seminar brought together over 80 young girls aged 10 to 21 years old with the intention of empowering young girls through knowledge, information, and bonding.

Concentrating on helping teenage girls to know the value of themselves through self-esteem building and understanding life and changes experienced by growing young women today, the past program was applauded for being the first of its kind in Gizo, she said.

Ms. Clarinda Molia explained that the seminar; “Many times young girls do not understand the impact they have on other people within their social circle as well as the opposite sex in regards to the type of clothes they wear, the way they behave as well as the way they may speak.”

Similar programs were said to have been held in Honiara a number of times in the past as part of the Adventist Women’s Ministry Reaching In program (AWMRIP).

“Just as much as it was an eye-opener for the young girls participating, it was just as much a surprise for the mothers who were present to assist in the seminar, as they too were gaining an insight of issues experienced by growing ladies today.

“There is a gap when it comes to sharing and educating a growing young girl about her body and what she may experience in life.

“This can often be ignored by parents and in many cases, some issue faced by girls today is not known by parents who had grown up in a different time,” Clarinda explained.

Delrine said; “there is only so much we as parents can inform our young girls, and in most cases, as they grow older, there is only so much they are willing to receive from us and providing a safe space for them to learn and bond will go a long way for you girls in the rural Solomon Islands.”

Gizo News Bureau