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Madam Sogavare: women leaders must take-up responsibility

11 March 2021
Madam Emmy Sogavare.

WOMEN leaders must take up a leading role in addressing issues affecting women in this country by working with their male counterparts.

Madam Emmy Sogavare made the remarks during the International Women’s Day celebrations on Monday.

She said there is a big gap between the understanding level of rural women and urban women about issues affecting women. 

She said rural women need to think beyond daily survival to understand the importance of women taking leadership roles in issues affecting this country. 

“This is where I believe, we as women leaders, need to come out of our comfort zones and take a leadership role in educating our women. 

“This needs women to partner with our male counterparts to achieve. Failing that, we will continue to come up with interesting themes every year to remind ourselves of our own failures to take up leadership roles in this country to help break the barriers that we continue to highlight every year,” Madam Sogavare said. 

She also took time to acknowledge the four female Members of Parliament (MP) for taking the leadership role in their constituencies. 

She said there are women with leadership roles in working authorities that are at great risks to their own lives to protect their people. 

Madam Sogavare said the theme ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’ highlights a powerful message. 

“It calls all of us to picture the kind of world that we would be enjoying now. If we break the barriers of prejudice and marginalization and acknowledge the contribution that women can make in shaping important decisions.” 

Newsroom, Honiara