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Malaita Council of Women review constitution 

03 July 2021
Rebecca Awa speaking at the review on Friday.

THE Malaita Provincial Council of Women constitution has undergone a review to its constitution, in the past two days. 

Stakeholders gathered at the Women Resource Centre in Auki for the past two days purposely to review the constitution with the aim to amend the constitution soon.

The review ended on Friday afternoon.

Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview, one of the facilitators Rebecca Awa said the review is mainly to get feedback from women reps from the 33 Wards of Malaita and stakeholders about the current constitution. 

Mrs. Awa said the review is an important step as it allows stakeholders and those who are governed under the constitution to contribute meaningful ideas to where changes are needed in the constitution.

She said points raised in the review will be debated in the council's annual general meeting scheduled for later part of this year.

The review was supervised by officers from the Auki Public Solicitor's Office.

Auki News Bureau