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Village women learn about gender issues

13 October 2014

Women of east Malaita learn about gender equality for the first time when a workshop on the issue was conducted last week at Fera’ambu Bible School.

Malaita provincial women desk officer Clara Rikimani presented the topic during the workshop, which was aimed at empowering women and men to have a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the community.

“Gender is about love because we all share our roles and responsibilities,” Rikimani told the participants.

“We need to work together, cherish and respect each other,” she added.

 “Gender requires that we understand each other’s roles and responsibilities and work together

 “When we misunderstood our roles, the result would be inequality and other social problems we see in our communities today.

 “Gender equality does not mean that men and women become at the same level; it means that we all have roles and responsibilities that can be shared together.

“In transformational leadership it encourages all to work together.

 “We all need balance brain in order to understand each other and work together,” Rikimani said.

Lilly Abu, speaking on behalf of the women, said gender equality is shared responsibility.

She said men should also attend the workshop.
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