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Women supports state move

15 September 2015

Women participants have called for the making of State governments as soon as the Federal system comes into effect.

This was during the Choiseul Province’s Awareness on the 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands last week.

Speaking on behalf of Women participants during the awareness’ closing at Qurusu Hall on Friday 11th September, Delmy Vazara said, that the women of Choiseul are making this call because they see that this will bring governance and managing of resources to the people.

“I would like to reinstate the call of our women to support it and we would like to see our State constitution come into effect,” she said.

Out of the three resolutions made at the end of the Awareness meeting, a women rep Neverlyn Manavakana seconded the motion to accept the 2nd 2014 Draft and its amendments from Choiseul, on the Preamble, 18 Chapters and 14 Schedules.

For the motion to endorse the shift from unitary system to Federalism, it was moved by Julyn Qalokana and seconded by Delmy Vazara.

“Perhaps that is why during that motion one woman moved it and another woman seconded it, because that is our wish and our desire, please take it up,” Mrs Vazara said.

She highlighted that the Federal constitution clearly outlines that governance will be with the people at the community level.

“Secondly, resources belonging to the people of Choiseul will come back to us, for our children, for our future generation, and that is what we want to see,” she said, as the financial benefits of these resources are seen only to have benefited urban Honiara.

The women appreciated that they were included such a meeting, which Mrs. Vazara said involves the country’s highest and supreme law.

Mrs. Vazara said that usually regulations and decision-making in Choiseul at the community and provincial level is the business of chiefs and men.

“We feel so privileged and so happy that we are part of our Choiseul men leaders to be involved in this process of making our law,” she said, “this has built our confidence to be involved in such regulatory and participatory activity.”

Speaking on behalf of Choiseul Congress team Dr. Glynn Galo also highlighted and praised the women participants for their active inputs and comments during the meeting.

“I would like to particularly thank our ladies who have contributed very positively,” he said, “Sometimes, you know, because we’re from a very male dominated society we don’t really hear the voices of the ladies that often, but on this occasion they did shine.”

All eight women out of the fifty participants actively spoke out and participated in the awareness meeting.

The Choiseul Awareness on the 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution officially ended on Friday afternoon at Qurusu Hall in Taro.