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Women helping women

14 October 2015

A powerful way to advance

LEADERS and representatives from local women’s organisations recently attended a book launching, “Ways to Be Happy”, in Honiara.

Each participant was given from 50 to 100 copies of this small, but very significant book, to share with their network of women across the nation.

Soroptimist International of Solomon Islands, a women’s group to help raise the status women, partnered with  Family Support Centre to create this inspiring and common sense booklet on how handle problems in a practical way.

According to Joyce Boykin of Soroptimist International of Solomon Islands, there are tips in dealing with life issues, like anger, loneliness, abuse, etc. that most of us may already know, but may have forgotten.

“The funding for the printing was from Soroptimist and its fund-raising activities from over the years,” Mrs Boyking said.

“The booklets were handed out as a gift to the women’s representatives at the launching,” she added.

“The comments raised were a confirmation that such a book will be truly helpful to women throughout the nation.

“It is in simple English, but groups were encouraged to use Pijin or language to share the information for all people.”

Mrs Boykin said all the guests were inspired by each other in their comments regarding the strength and solidarity for women.

“It is true – if you want to make a positive difference in the communities, then begin with the women and all else will fall into place,” Mrs Boykin said.