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Mere’s market set

15 April 2014

Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) will be hosting this year’s second Mere’s Market from 23rd -25th April at the Ports Authority ground near Commonwealth Street.

SIWIBA president Mrs Dalcy Tekulu said: “the key focus of the Mere market is to provide an avenue for our women to participate in economic activities.”

She further added: “Women now realize that due to the high cost of living, they need to get themselves involved in raising money to support their families and SIWIBA see it worthwhile supporting them especially having organized markets where they can sell their products.”

Mrs Tekulu explained that Mere’s market is held every two months for women to sell handicraft, flowers, food and many more.

The president said: “An advantage for our women is that, Mere’s Market gives them the opportunity to share ideas, promote their products, services and networking with fellow women and stakeholders.  

“The feedbacks from the participants after each Mere’s market have been very encouraging and fulfill the purpose for which it was set up,” she stated.

Mrs Tekulu highlighted that, Mere Market products have generated interest from markets in the region and which is a greater opportunity for SIWIBA members.

Meanwhile, chair of the Mere’s Market organizing committee Ms. Kale urges members to participate as it will be a valuable opportunity to promote their businesses as there will be a wide coverage of audiences of about hundreds expected to visit the site on a daily basis.

“With the wealth of new ideas and creativity on board, I call on Members to come forward and register to be part of the 3-days event to showcase your talents to the public,” Ms Kale further stated.

She said members wishing to participate can contact the SIWIBA office on phone 28386/7 or email [email protected] to have their names registered or visit the SIWIBA office at NPF plaza building, room 48.

As a tribute to victims of the recent flash-flooding in Honiara and Guadalcanal, SIWIBA will also be staging an appeal center for donation during the event to support victims.

SIWIBA office appeals to the public and business houses to embrace the event