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Women oppose proposed mining on Kolombangara

14 April 2014

Women of Hunda village in Kolombangara, Western province have expressed fear over a proposed mining on the island.

Lilly Dani an outspoken woman and a chairlady of the Leanabako tribe association said that they (women) are in great fear following news that an Australian has visited their village (Hunda) recently to conduct prospecting.

Ms Dani claimed they have no idea about the recent visit.

She said that their greatest fear is that Kolombangara as an old dormant volcanic island can react if mining happens on the island.

She also expressed concern over the impact of mining on the natural environment.

She pointed out that should a mining is planned, the women of Kolombangara will oppose it.

“We have seen that logging activities bring massive destruction to the environment. So we are not supporting such development.”

She highlighted that it’s important that women are included in any decision making in relation to whatever development that is going to happen on the island.

“Whatever development that is taking place on our island women must also be involved in the decision making.

“Gender equality needs to be uphold.

“Therefore, on behalf of every woman in Kolombangara I oppose any propose mining development that is being planned,” she said.