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Women take a shot at RCDF bill

14 February 2014

WOMEN have echoed on the floor of Parliament that if the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF) is utilised for developments in the rural it would put an end to poverty and poor standard of living.

Debating the Bill most women which took the floor to speak expressed that use of this fund was only for political self-interest rather than developing the rural areas.

The Bill seeks Parliament to agree to the establishment of a special select committee to undertake inquiries into the matters outlined in the motion pertaining to the effectiveness of the use of RCDF by members of Parliament.

Kristina Sogavare pointed out this is a growing concern amongst the ordinary people that MPs are simply not honest about the way they implement the development funds channelled through othe constituencies.

She told Parliament, there are serious allegations of lack of transparency in the way projects are given to many people with political interests ranking high in the criterion used to decide on the recipients.

“This motion is correctly concern, as intimated above, with the express requirements of section 6 of the new Public Financial Management Act 2013.
“The use of Public resources must contribute to the ongoing economic and welfare of the people of Solomon Islands.”

Meanwhile former MP Hilda Kari said very little was delivered from this funds because of a weak political governance, including the issue of corruption.

“This is a factor that contributed significantly to the poor economic performance of our country.”

The mock debate prepares intending women to contest the upcoming national and provincial elections.



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