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North Vella La Vella womens association opens new office

04 February 2014

The Women of North Vella La Vella Constituency have recently opened their new office in Gizo.

Manned by their President Hilda Domuo, the North Vella La Vella Women Association have been engaging women from around the constituency in activities and training, empowering women to be self reliant.

In an interview, Mrs Domuo said the association was established purposely to help provide basic skills for our rural women on how to generate income and save money at the same time.

“Under the association we have established a savings club, and so far we have 675 members investing their money, which is a good sign that women are well aware of the importance of savings,” Mrs Domuo said.

Meanwhile the coordinator of the North Vella La Vella Women Association, Mrs Virginia Pilua said the association engages both women and young girls in its projects given the fact that urban drift is becoming an issue in our country.

“We see that by engaging both Women and Girls in economic activities will help our young generations to be more self reliant and make good use of their skills to earn money back in their respective communities, which in turn help reduces the possibility of drifting to urban centre’s,” Mrs Pilua said.

With the help of the North Vella La Vella MP, Hon Milner Tozaka, and the Western Province Council of Women, the association has successfully done awareness for their women on health and sanitation, Violence against women and family skill training.

 Ms Pilua said this year, the association hopes to provide literacy training for the women in the constituency.