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Be united, women told

30 January 2014

WOMEN are urged to work together if they are to contest in this year’s general elections.

The reminder came from Margaret Fale, former president of the Holy Cross Mothers’ group.

“It is only through working together that women can achieve their aims and objectives in this year’s election,” Ms Fale said.

She said she decided to come after in the media after learning a number of women are currently preparing their election platforms.

“We desperately need women up there in the round-house,” she said.
“But for them to be successful, they need to work together in their campaign strategy.
“We’ve seen previously that lack of unity amongst women resulted in us not winning any of the seats.”

The national election is expected towards the end of the year.

Currently only one woman is in parliament.

She is Vika Lusibaea, who is MP for North Malaita.

Margaret Fale says women need to work together if they are to win seats in parliament this year.