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Political crisis stable

Dear Editor – If the numbers joining the government is increasing, it could mean that the MPs behind the Mbike Island Resort incident when the current DCC government was formed after the last general elections, must be intending to join the government in order to make further investigations into the case difficult.

Where’s our national motto?

Dear Editor – Could you pleased place my point of view in your letters to the editors column on the current political issues in our country.

No confidence motion

Dear Editor – The above subject intrigues me.

First chapter in history

Dear Editor – After Second World War on Guadalcanal this chain of scattered islands was declared British Solomon Islands protectorate.

Ghost laws & illegal registrations

Dear Editor – Recently I went to the Ministry of Finance to find out details about a particular vehicle registration.

Disturbing political situation

Dear Editor – Allow me on behalf of the Ecumenical City Men’s Fellowship Ministry to contribute our views towards the current political situation in our country.

Power hunger

Dear Editor – It’s political crisis again in Solomon Islands... Nothing but crisis alone.

Hotel camping 

Dear Editor - For quite a few years now our politicians have adopted the practice of congregating together in various hotels in Honiara during times of political instability and when the top job is up for grabs.

Political upheaval

Dear Editor - The political upheaval experienced today was once  and event led to the down fall of the same person  Mr. Manasseh Sogavare in 2006. I realize that the GCCG government had placed Malaita Province on  the front line for development and priority was for Malaita.

Solar savve training

Dear Editor - According to a report in the Solomon Star newspaper, a local solar power company has been teaching constituency representatives from across the country how to care for their solar equipment already in use and to educate potential solar power users on future maintenance.