Editor - Solomon Star News


Police and street vendors

Dear Editor – I'd like to say something on the Royal Solomon islands Police Force (RSIPF) and the street vendors.

East Honiara lacks clinics

Dear Editor – Honiara City Council is doing fine in the health sector in providing clinic for children and a dental one.

Wagina mining issues

Dear Editor – I just want to respond to the comments made by Jonathan Tebabusi Tobire on Tuesday 4th March 2014 Issue No. 5445.

SINU we want our fees back

Dear Editor – Please allow me space in your paper to voice out my frustrations and disappointments on behalf of hundred plus students who were sent out of SINU this week, which includes my sister, who came home very sad and discouraged, which I believe it had the same effect to the rest of the students who were sent home.

Biometric voter registration

Dear Editor – Concerns have been expressed in the media on the issue of our overseas- based citizens and students not being able to register as electors, therefore denying them the right of exercising their democratic rights in the up-coming General elections

Why struggle

Dear Editor - I want to share my point of view concerning the heading, Why struggle’ might you people confuse of what I am trying to explain here.

Inevitable resettlement and national leaders

Dear Editor – The tide is rising; it is threatening our neighbours and our country. Some low lying islands and atolls existence are directly under threat from the unpredictable of the rising sea level as a result of climate change.

A true Temotu arrow warrior

Dear Editor – Firstly, to express my sincere thank and appreciation to the Honourable Premier of Temotu Province Fr Brown Beu for refusing and rebuffing the bribery attempt on him by a foreign corrupt investor/logger in their attempt to evade and by pas the required regulations for quick logging on Vanikoro Island.

NCRA reign

Dear Editor - Firstly, I would like to quote some famous important saying and statements:

Pride turned sour and shameful

Dear Editor – When all required formalities regarding the construction of the Papua New Guinea Chancery in Honiara were completed, everyone was on high tune and forward looking to its impletion and subsequently, its official opening.