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  • 09
  • Jun

SOLOMON Islands renowned boy band ‘Doorman’s Project (DMP) has taken a massive step in their music journey making it top of the World's largest music online competition – the Djooky Music Awards (DMA).

  • 04
  • Jun

DREAMCAST Theatre Solomon Islands is set to stage one of their biggest theatre play yet; The Chief’s Son.

  • 17
  • Mar

CONTEMPORARY musical artists from Honiara who are visiting Western province as part of a tour have raised $2,029 for the Gizo Hospital.

  • 01
  • Mar

Peace Divine Ministry is a Christian Boy Band Ministry that began 14 years ago with a vision and focus to help young people. 

  • 03
  • Jul

TIBON Oge, a singer and songwriter is using his talent to raise awareness about domestic violence.

  • 05
  • Mar

The local boy band from Choviri in Central Honiara, Doorman’s Project or commonly known as DMP was excited to do a track recording with the touring Jamaican reggae legend Anthony B during his short visit over the weekend.

  • 29
  • Feb

LEGENDARY Jamaican reggae artist Anthony B is set to rock fans at the Pacific Casino Hotel sea-front in a one night show in Honiara tonight.

  • 12
  • Jan

THE British Artist Leonie Adams from the Dionysus Ensemble, a musical group, is currently in Honiara as part of their visit to the Music Club called Piano Association of Solomon Islands (PASI). 

  • 07
  • Jan

DMP’s band manager and promoter DJ Victor Lopez said the local boy band is currently working on an album and they have few surprise features installed for the upcoming 4th album.

  • 06
  • Jan

Touring Jamaican Reggae superstar Da’Ville a.k.a Turii Maysun has been featured in Doorman’s Project (DMP) new album which is currently being recorded.

  • 24
  • Nov

The touring Rock City (a.k.a R.City) band has rocked music fans in Honiara in a one-night show at the Heritage Park Hotel car park in Honiara, Friday.

  • 13
  • Aug

REGGAE fans in the city will have something to look forward to, when world’s renowned reggae band, Big Mountain returns on August 25th.

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