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Ports workers praise new digital system

26 April 2016

THE Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) workers are now using a digital entry system to enter data, thanks to the SIPA reforms.

Officers who operate data entry at the ports yesterday said the new digital data entry system have impacted positively on the effectiveness and efficiency in executing their work.

“For instance, we were used to entering data manually using pen and paper. That was a very inconvenient and slow way compared to what we are using now.

“Now, we are using cell phones and other digital instruments to do the job and it makes our work way easier and effective.

“Data entries are now more reliable and consistent, making it very easy for the management to access our daily entries easily at anytime,” the officers said.

The officers who spoke to the Solomon Star after a press conference on Monday said the use of pen and paper is now a thing of the past.

When asked about how the reform as impacted on them, they said the reform did impacted positively on a number of issues.

“Yes, in terms of our operating systems, we have some changes such as this digital data entry.

“Some of the past exhausting jobs we would manually do before were gone.

 “Now with this new digital system, it is easy and convenient for us to work progressively well with our managers on a timely and consistent manner, allowing them to monitor the work activities at the port of entry.”