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Landowners told to open land for development

12 May 2016

Chiefs of North West Guadalcanal are appealing to landowners and tribes within the region and the island to release their land for development purposes, whenever the government or an investor requests for it.

Northwest Guadalcanal Solomon Star stringer John Toki relayed that the chiefs of Lambi, Tandai and Sagalu wards made the plea to all landowners and five tribes of Guadalcanal to allow for development.

Mr Toki said, the chiefs are concern because whenever theres a major project earmarked for development in the region the issue of land dispute always arise.

He said, so often people failed to see the benefits that will come to the communities of North West Guadalcanal once the development takes place.

Toki further revealed that huge flow of tourists to the region has indicated the income generating opportunities for the people is very high, but lack of development to attract foreigners’ spending money is the case in point.

“Therefore the chief have reiterated their calls to locals residing along the coast of North Western region of the province allow development in their land, which will enhance the flow of money to reach their door steps every day,” Toki said while quoting the chiefs.

He added chiefs they want to see the fisheries development in Doma and a five star hotel in Mamara to continue without any disturbance.

“Therefore landowning parties must sort themselves out and get along well with investors, so that these two projects could progress.”