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Geodynamics appoints country rep here

04 April 2014

AUSTRALIA geothermal energy company Geodynamics on Thursday announced the appointment of Mal Kuper as its Country Representative resident in Honiara.

Mr Kuper will be responsible for liaison with local stakeholders, including government, community and suppliers, the coordination of activities necessary to support exploration drilling planned for later this year and representing Geodynamics locally as the company progress the Savo Island Geothermal Project and complete agreement with the SIEA and Government of Solomons Islands for a Power Purchase Agreement covering the Project.

Geoff Ward, Geodynamics CEO, said:
“I am delighted to welcome Mal Kuper as Ggeodynamics’ representative in Honiara.
“His appointment is a reflection of our commitment to progressing the project.

“Together with the successful completion of the ESIA this marks key progress for the Savo Island Project.
“I look forward to working with Greg Wong our Project Director, and Mal to secure the important agreements necessary to accelerate the project.

“The Savo Island Geothermal Project represents a great opportunity for the Solomon Islands to improve their energy supply, reduce carbon emissions, increase energy security and to invest for future growth in the country.
“The project has been identified as one of the best large scale renewable energy opportunities in the Pacific region.”

Within the past few weeks an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the company’s proposed exploration drilling activities on Savo Island was submitted to the Department of Environment for approval.

Mr Ward said this is a significant step towards gaining approvals and permits prior to exploration drilling on Savo Island and is a demonstration of the Company’s commitment to best practice environmental standards and community engagement.

“Over the past fortnight a series of well attended community consultations were held in Honiara and on Savo Island, detailing the results of the ESIA, and providing a project update to key stakeholders,” he added.

Mr Ward said Geodynamics is now focused on completing land access arrangements with the affected land owners on Savo Island, and continuing its negotiations with Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) to secure a power purchase agreement to support and enable the commencement of the planned exploration campaign and allow the continued rapid progress of the project.

About Geodynamics

Geodynamics is the leading Australian geothermal exploration and development company.

Geodynamics possesses some of the best geothermal resources in the world and is rapidly developing technology to exploit the resource.

Geothermal energy has the potential to be a critical element of Australia’s future power generation and Geodynamics is at the forefront of development.

About the Savo Island Project
The Savo Island Geothermal Power Project is a proposed 20 to 30 megawatt (MW) geothermal power plant located on Savo Island in the Solomon Islands. It is Geodynamics aim to have the power plant fully operational by mid 2017.

The Project is being developed by Joint Venture partners Kentor Energy Pty Ltd and Geodynamics who currently hold 25 per cent, with the ability to earn up to a 70 per cent share in the joint venture.

Geodynamics is the Project Operator.