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POB plans more awareness before opening

21 March 2014

The newly registered commercial bank Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) is proposing more awareness prior to its official opening here.

The bank’s chief executive officer (CEO) Nihal Kekulawala in a press conference said the bank has been going through many awareness talks with business houses but is proposing more awareness to people and organisation before its official opening in the country.

“We would do more awareness to organisations and individual groups about our plans and vision to establish here before ourwe open our bank.”

He said its important that the public is fully aware of the operations of the bank and its service.

“We are committed to fully explain our bank to local people here and other organisations about the services that would be offered in Solomon Islands.

“We will continue to create awareness to make sure people must understand both the internal and external structure and operation of this bank.”

He said the bank welcomes questions from the people and they are willing to answer them.