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More locals signed up for POB

20 March 2014

More than twenty (20) local people have been recruited to take up several positions within Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) when it kicks off operation in May.

This was revealed by POB chief executive officer (CEO) Nihal Kekulawala yesterday.

Mr Kekulawala who in the country said more than 20 people and eight (8) expatriates will be the first permanent staff of the bank taking up senior posts including bank tellers.

“I have interviewed a good number of locals who have applied and so far more than twenty people including eight expatriates have been accepted to pioneer our operations here.”

He explained that their services would be similar to any other commercial banks operating in the country.

The Pan Oceanic Bank CEO however added the bank would have its own directors, board of directors, managers and other seniors post which will mostly be locals.

He said from time to time they will inform the Central Bank and the public about the progress being made.

The CEO said so far a good number of locals working in other banks have applied  and went through interview.

“They would be contacted soon to take up their posts,” he said.

The bank’s chief meanwhile thanked, CBSI and others for supporting them which enables the bank to fulfil its vision here.

“We thank CBSI and others who have been very supportive and helpful in making our business progress here.

“We would do our best to serve the people of this country with their banking needs,” Mr Kekulawala said.



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