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Price unit on nationwide awareness

20 March 2014

Staff at the consumer affairs and price control unit will engage in a nationwide awareness next week.

The awareness will focus on price of goods, expired goods and the rights as consumer

This came after a budget has been approved for the outreach program.

Director of the unit Timothy Watekary Maehioro on Wednesday said as of next week some of his staff should be leaving for the provinces to kick off the awareness program and also engage in inspecting goods and their prices.

Mr Maehioro explained the awareness program is aimed at educating people on how to buy better goods and report any expired goods to them.

“Many people didn’t know the procedure of reporting to us when they notice or  found expired goods in shops so we are out to educate people how they should be able to work closely with us.”

He said with more increase sales of expired goods and hike in goods prices its becoming a concern for the customers.

“And so our team would go out to educate people and know their rights,” Mr Maehioro said.

Meanwhile the director had urged all shops and business houses around the provinces to assist his staff by providing information they need.