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More imported goods added to price list watch

20 March 2014

The ministry of commerce, industry labour & immigration through the consumer affairs and price control unit has approved a new standard price list of some imported goods sold in shops around the country.

Last year the unit submitted a report about the increasing number of imported goods sold in our shops at higher prices which are not recognised in the current price list control.

The report recommended government to approve and included a new list of severtal imported goods which are not included in the current price list.

Last week government had approved the report and its recommendation. And this means a number of imported goods are now under a price list watch.

Director of the unit Timothy Watekary Maehioro yesterday said with the approval its means some of the imported goods will be sold at certain recommended prices.

This week some of the unit’s staff have gone out to shops and issue shopowners with the new price of these imported goods.

The director was unable to give which imported goods are being added to the price list watch.

For the provinces, officers from the unit will visit the provinces as of next week to inform the shop-owners.

Mr Maehioro said all shops must comply with this latest changes in the price of certain imported goods.

“I’ll reiterate here again that this new price control list was approved by government and everybody must comply to it.”

The action was taken in light of a growing concern of the increasing price of certain imported goods and products which have been sold in the country.