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SICCI proposes more provincial outreach

19 March 2014

The Solomon Island chamber of commerce and industry (SICC) is planning to conduct more provincial visits to every business sectors throughout the country this year.

SICCI chief executive officer (CEO) Jerry Tengemoana revealed this following a successful visit to the Western province last week.

Mr Tengemoana said the aim is to meet and discuss with many provincial businesses.

He said the chamber was established to help local businesses operating in the country and not only those in Honiara.

“Most times we are focussing on business activities in Honiara but thats not right.

“Therefore we are intending to extend our program out to the provinces starting this year,” Mr Tengemoana said.

He said a priority area that SICCI will embark on is to discuss tourism businesses in Solomon Islands.

“We are trying to help our tourism business in the country by providing basic training to help operators to be able to administer and operate their own business.”

Meanwhile Mr Tegemoana added this proposed provincial outreach program will be determined by a new SICCI board which will be appointed soon.

“We had all the plans being drafted to be carried out in Solomon Island but this would be determination by the new board.”

He said the former board was very supportive about the provincial business outreach tour.

“And we hope our new board would also support our proposal for this provincial outreach program this year.”



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