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Our Telekom applauded

19 March 2014

CONCERNS Citizens group, Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) has praised Our Telekom’s continuous roll out program to the country’s rural communities.

FSII in a statement said it applauds Our Telekom for taking the lead to connecting our rural communities to the world.   

“Today you can get connected to the outside world through your finger tips and I must thank Our Telekom for taking the risk to invest in our rural communities,” said FSII CEO Benjamin Afuga.

He added: “Today’s telecommunication’s innovative explosion currently experienced and relished by our rural people has been enhanced by non-other than Our Telekom’s roll on programs to the rural communities”.   

Afuga believes that Our Telekom’s roll on program and launching of its network in many of our remote communities is like opening a window of opportunity and very beneficial to our people, particularly for our students in the rural communities.

“Our Telekom has taken the lead to facilitate families and businesses communicate on a daily basis and allow students to access the internet for information and research.

“This is one of the greatest transformed incentives and Our people must be thankful for Our Telekom,” Afuga said in the statement.  

“Our Telekom’s recent launching of the mobile service at a remote location in the highlands of Hograno district in the Isabel Province is a testimony of Our Telekom’s commitment to connect as many Solomon Islanders as possible,” Mr Afuga added.

Our Telekom recently launched its facility at Tiromola within the Kolomola vicinity.

Chiefs and people in this rural community who have benefited from the coverage thanked Our Telekom for making it possible.

A statement from Our Telekom said with this new tower at Tiromola, it has opened up many opportunities especially commercial activities in the area such as Kava and Coffee production.

FSII in its statement regarded communication as an important tool for development and encourage the country’s leading mobile provider, Our Telekom to invest more in the rural and isolated communities who have been denied telecommunication services.

“Today, our people can access news, information, disaster and community messages through their Mobile phones”, Afuga said.

A spokesman from Our Telekom said that they are planning to open up many more towers in the rural areas this year, adding the towers will enable Telekom’s network to reach many of the rural communities.

Its understood Our Telekom plans to build 26 new mobile towers throughout the country this year.

The focus will be on Choiseul and Western province.