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Teak farmers benefit from sales

19 March 2014

About 45 outgrowers in Kolombangara, Western province have benefited from their teak plantation after being sold overseas.

Community Relations Manager Mayson Nesa who has master minded the selling of teak thinning on behalf of communities on Kolombangara Island was so proud in giving out cheques to about 45 farmers.

This is third time round for out growers within KFPL area of influence been benefitted from selling of their planted trees.

Two earlier sales one in 2010 and another in 2012 all been facilitated by KFPL. People who have planted trees have really benefited.

One farmer who cannot hide her joy after receiving her cheque payment commended KFPL for finding market overseas on their behalf for their trees and said what she had labored for had not been wasted. She said government had encouraged people to plant teaks but fail miserably to look for buyers or markets for them especially such teak thinning which could have been felled to waste.

The lowest centimeter diameter these buyers can take in this teak thinning is 15cm top end and this is really encouraging and good news for farmers on Kolombangara and rest of country. It is just matter of finding markets overseas and there are plenty available.