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Installation of palm oil milling machine

19 March 2014

The construction of a permanent complex to place a new portable milling machine for the Vangunu palm oil is nearing completion.The complex is being constructed by local firm, Pijin Holding company which is also responsible of ordering the portable machine from overseas.

The machine will be based at Merusu.

Pijin Holding workers have been hired by the national palm oil office in the ministry of agriculture and livestock (MAL) to build the complex to house the portable machine.

A senior officer within the palm oil division last week confirmed that construction is set to be completed.

Once completed the machine will be installed.

The Vangunu palm oil project failed after the company tasked to carry out the project left the area.

This left most of the palm trees to grow and bear fruit without any machines to crush them (fruit) for palm oil.

Because of that government is keen to revive the project by supporting the landowners and small holder growers in that area.

The first step is to install this portable machine to allow landowners to harvest and the fruits and have it crushed to produce palm oil.