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Concern over increase sales of expired goods

15 March 2014

The increasing sales of expired goods and junk food snacks in shops in Honiara is raising a lot of concern.

White River resident Gomez Tee yesterday said he was a victim of buying an expired food snacks from a shop in Honiara this week.

He said most of the food snacks sold at the door way of shops are already expired and their prices have been reduced.

“I went and buy snacks at a store and found out that it has expired last year.

“So I decided not to eat it and just throw it away,” the lad said.

He called on responsible authorities to step up their inspection routine to most of the shops in Honiara.

Early this year director of consumer and price control division at the ministry of commerce Timothy Watekary Maehioro said his staff will continue to inspect shops that sells expired goods.

He said its important that customers who came across shops which sells expired goods and food products to contact them.