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Highlands of Hograno gets connected

13 March 2014

Our Telekom this week launched

OUR Telekom to date has erected and launched its ninth mobile tower in Isabel province.

This follows the launching of the mobile service in Tiromola of Kolomola in the highlands of Hograno district in Isabel province recently.

Speaking during the launching ceremony chief of Kolomola Mr. Gordon Riumana thanked Our Telekom on behalf of the chiefs, leaders and communities that are benefited from the coverage.

Mr Riumana said it has been their cry over the years to have access in communication but always unsuccessful.

A statement from Our Telekom said with this new tower now at Tiromola it has open up many opportunities especially commercial activities in the area such as kava production, coffee but also decreases the amount of time each one spent to rely messages to and fro.

“The highlands of Hograno now felt they are connected with coastal areas and relatives, friends and family members. The new tower has made a big positive impact for the highlanders.” 

As part of the launching Our Telekom has put on a sales promotion at Kolomola village where customers came by and bought new mobile phones a discount prices.

The new Tiromola tower covers the following communities; Kolomola, Alualu, Moana community high school, Tuseli, Kolotubi as far as Kilokaka.

The number of Telekom towers in Isabel now stands at 9 and some more to be constructed in the coming years.